Sod Installation

Our sod installation includes the removal of top layer thatch and roots, tilling existing soil, starter organic fertilizer, installing new layer of premium topsoil, installing premium sod and finally disposal as needed.

We use only the best sod, Kentucky Blue Grass, cut and delivered the same morning as the installation. Your sod is guaranteed to be installed weed and grub free, or we will replace at no cost!

Why Sod Installation?

In most cases, lawns without an appropriate care/maintenance program for more than 2 seasons will most likely have been taken over by weeds and/or an insect infestation. Also, your lawn has more than likely built up too much thatch over the years to allow proper nutrients to get down and be absorbed into the root structure of your grass. 

At this stage a lawn care package will have little to no effect and replacement of sod would be recommended. If your lawn’s water drainage is not properly sloped, you may need topsoil grading before your sod installation. Puddles of water on your law is a sign to fix the level of your ground and replace with new sod!

Tree/shrub Removal

Before undertaking any major landscaping projects, one of the most important steps is have all trees and shrubs inspected for any dieback and/or disease. Trees under too much stress which have 50% or more dieback will need to be replaced. It is important to remember, in the case of tree/shrub removal, that roots must be taken out as well. Having had a tree or shrub removed does not mean the shrub will not try and grow back or tree will not try to keep growing its roots. This can eventually ruin your current and future landscaping projects. It is highly recommended to have one of our professional arborists take care of these correctly the first time. 

Garden Bed/Tree/Shrub Installation:

Includes – Excavating existing area, disposal, cultivating existing soil, edging, installing triple mix or black, brown and red mulch. (Planting is an additional cost depending on the maturity of plants and the amount which you would like to install)

Why A Garden/Tree/Shrub install??

In most cases, just like the lawn, your garden requires maintenance and care program for all plants, trees and shrubs. If you have done very little to no maintenance or treatments for your garden in the last 2 years then it is about time to replace it! Trees/shrubs and plants need a good healthy garden to reach their full potential. If your garden is full of garbage, old leaves, dead plants and trees then this should be taken care of immediately. Next, you want to refresh the topsoil by cultivating it. After that, a proper edge for your garden will help retain water in order to give it a much better appeal. When we are planting, fresh topsoil and mulch is recommended for better nutrients to help retain water and resist weed growth. Also, we buy plants that have been on a planting program which have been fertilized and watered accordingly by a nursery expert! 

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