Construction Services


Always the first step in any major renovation! Taking a house/building apart while carefully preserving valuable elements for the purpose of re-use is very important. Dismantling, razing, destroying or wrecking of any house/building or structure, demolition involves hazards due to unknown factors which makes demolition work particularly dangerous. It is highly recommended to hire our professionals so no severe damage will occur to you or your property!


When all the framing and electrical is finished it is important to insulate all your walls and attic area! This will allow all your heat in the winter and cool air in the summer to stay trapped in your home. A properly insulated home will allow you to save money on your heating and cooling bills while keeping a well-balanced temperature in your home.


Once you have all your insulation installed, you will be ready for drywall! Drywall will completely cover all framing, electrical and insulated areas. We carefully point out areas that need to stick out, such as light switches, plugs and light fixtures and measure then cut accordingly. Additional plaster work may be available but must be booked ahead!


Once all your walls are installed you will need to think about flooring. We will first identify which type of floor would be best suited for the area you would like to have completed. For example, tiles and backsplashes are most recommended for the kitchen. Hardwood and vinyl are generally recommended for dining and living areas. We have many different designs available! Please contact us to see all available options!

Snow Removal Services

Snow Clearing

  • Snow cleared from all parking areas, sidewalks, main door walkways, entrances and roadways upon 1 – 2 inches of accumulation of snow.
  • Snow clearing operations will proceed on a consistent, consecutive basis until all work is complete.
  • Priorities include driveway, handicap parking, and accessible pavement areas.
  • Our target time for clearing will be 7:00AM. It should be understood that in cases of continuous snow fall or snowfalls that start close to the morning, it cannot be completely cleaned until a reasonable time after the snow has stopped. (Approximately 6 Hours). In most cases we will be able to keep all roads passable for vehicles and pedestrian traffic. A final cleanup will take place after all staff have left the property.
  • In the event of extensive and continuous snowfall, snow removal may be necessary due to lack of space on the property to effectively maintain the snow. The client will need to request this service. The service will be billed at an extra rate of $120 per hour for a front end loader and $90.00 per hour for a dump truck with minimum of 4 hours.

For over 10 years House of Landscapes has provided excellent quality snow removal services for residential and commercial properties. Our experience allows us to provide you with a guaranteed piece of mind that your property will be professionally maintained all season long!

Our winters have been known to be harsh, cold and unpredictable. All snowstorms are monitored on a 24 hour basis with weather radar data provided by Environment of Canada. At House of Landscapes we plow all facilities with heavy duty plow trucks. All of our heavy-duty equipment is consistently serviced and well maintained, which will allow your facility to be promptly cleaned during the toughest of snowstorms. We also have loaders that are able to relocate snow on the property to ensure parking spots are not lost due to accumulated snow(*EXTRA COST). Salting is a transparent process for our clients as we provide past Climate Weather data from Environment Canada upon request.

We look forward to hearing from you and being able to provide a solid business partnership!

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House of Landscapes.

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