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Based on the 1983 book ‘The Witch’ by Roald Dahl, this story tells a scary, funny and thought-provoking story about a seven-year-old dealing with real witches!
Writer Robert Zemeckis:
Robert Zemeckis (screenshot), Roald Dahl (novel) | He tells the story of a funny and orphan boy (Jahzir Kadeem Bruno) who is a funny and moving and living with his loving mistress (Octavia Spencer) in Demopolis, a rural town in Alabama, late 1967. The boy and his grandmother found other witches. who looked lovely but were very ugly, so his Grandmother wisely hit our young hero on a luxurious break. Unfortunately, they arrived at the same time that the Great Witch (Hathaway) in the world had gathered – in disguise – his colonies from all over the world to carry out his evil plans.

The Witches 2020

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