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As terrorists try to take control of the Berlin-Paris plane, a soft-spoken American boy is struggling to save the lives of passengers and crew while forging a good relationship with one of the kidnappers.
Authors Patrick Vollrath:
Patrick’s co-stars: Vollrath, Senad Halilbasic (co-author):
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Memes of Omid, Aylin Tezel | The airline’s emergency number is 7500: thick, very strong, told from a rooster. Flights from Berlin to Paris. The daily routine in the cock of Airbus A319 Pilot Assistant Tobias Ellis prepares the plane for departure, which follows without incident. Then we hear the noise in the passenger cabin. A group of young people try and pull bugs, among them 18-year-old Vedat. The fighting starts between the workers and the attackers, with the desire to save one person and prevent another catastrophic disaster. Rooster doors become a battlefield – and Tobias ends up being the talker on life and death.

7500 2019

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