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Connect to your mobile account! WeChat is one of the most popular instant messaging services. Like WhatsApp and Messenger, WeChat is available on various platforms, including Mac, Android, iOS and Windows. You can use the desktop version to chat and share files with links. To use the desktop version, you must sign in with a mobile phone number. The Windows version is a supplement to the mobile application, not a replacement. To run WeChat on Windows, simply open the mobile application and click on the picture of the KR code that appears on the computer screen. Once complete, WeChat will log into the desktop version (function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); Apps work for chatting, sending files and more! As communication becomes more and more important worldwide, some instant messaging services are available online. It’s important to keep in touch outside of your mobile device. Downloading WeChat, therefore, with a simple and clean interface, lets you talk to friends, share files and do many other things on your computer. A lightweight software that lets you manage files, conversations, contacts, and location settings directly from Windows installation and a friendly interface. As mentioned, installation is very easy and does not take long. However, you will need to download the WeChat application to your smartphone to continue the desktop sign-in process. Without a mobile application, you will not be able to authenticate the program to access the file and you will not need to use a third-party KR scanner for authentication. WeChat for Android and iOS includes special in-app scanners. This is a security feature to make sure your application data is not associated with the desktop version, you can start using the WeChat PC application immediately. In the Settings menu, you can back up instant messaging, messaging, and file transfer. Because your smartphone will be connected to the Windows system, messages will be viewed on the device without additional, transferring files and location sharing. When you download WeChat for PC, it’s a perfect way to chat with your phone contacts over the desktop. In fact, you also get desktop notifications whenever someone wants to connect with you. Using WeChat, it’s easy to send large files to friends and family. Without a doubt, file transfer is far more useful on desktops and laptops than on smartphones, especially if you use the WeChat app, it’s really easy. In addition to uploading files and chats, you can also create interesting conversations with emoji and screens. The desktop version comes with an incredible screenshot, which is automatically contracted in the window above. This simple customization makes WeChat a better choice than Facebook and Skype for personal use. Lack of video or sound. An important feature of the latest version of WeChat is the ability to help you share documents, pictures and other files directly from your Windows computer. . If your friends use WeChat on their computer or smartphone, they’ll receive the file immediately. The perfect sync between platforms makes WeChat a powerful social network for Windows that offers cloud storage and enablesyou can easily back up files. You can back up pictures, audio files, videos and other data from your Windows computer or mobile phone. Just add a drag-and-drop interface file to the specified area. You can use it later when the gadget records another great feature. Allows you to capture and send pictures on screen for connection. You can easily add text with this tool and form images. In addition, it allows you to take certain parts of your desktop for pictures. If you are a fan of memes and GIFs, this tool can help you create your own, if you use the WeChat app as the main instant messaging service on your tablet or smartphone, WeChat for desktop can help you quickly back up, respond to chat, and transfer files between your mobile device and your PC. With a friendly, easy-to-use interface, with no connection to multiple devices! Without a doubt, WeChat for PC is a great addition to smart applications. However, you cannot use it without a mobile phone account. To keep in touch with friends without looking at your smartphone, downloading the WeChat app would be a great option.


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