WebAcappella Grid 1 torrent

WebAcappella Grid 1 Clean torrent

Create unique locations that look like you. Creating a website, complex, time consuming and boring? Don’t have time to encode in HTML and Javascript to customize your website for all types of screens? Create multilingual pages and provide real-time visibility into your business with no subscription or hidden costs. They move around the website with full autonomy. No subscriptions or hidden payments

WebAcappella and its visual editor have been following you since 2005 when creating a website, forgetting the techniques.


ALL RESPONSIBLE Websites without duplicate content and integrated SEO tools. All according to Google suggestions.

Go international

Expand your business worldwide by managing web languages ​​in more languages!

Follow the trend

Scanning one or more pages, parallelax effects …

Create a modern, optimized website with ease!

Feel unlimited

Create as many pages as you want!

Let your creativity speak for itself

– Refer to the form and send the file

– Integration of Google web fonts

– Create a reusable style

– Navigation menu

– Text Zone

– Painting

– Gallery of pictures and presentations

– Merge HTML code

– Audio and video elements

– Customize meta headers and description tags

– Publish in 1 click

– And many others

Grid Vebacappella

The WebAcappella Grid is based on a network layout (Bootstrap style) that requires more patience and learning, but allows you to automate more layouts (mobile screen)

WebAcappella Grid 1

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