Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance program:

  • Weekly (Includes cutting, trimming of all edges and blowing all debris off hard surfaces)
  • Bi-weekly (Includes cutting, trimming of all edges, blowing all debris off hard surfaces and bagging grass clippings)

Spring/Fall Cleanup
(Removal/disposal of all loose leaves, garbage, branches and dead plants off property and into bags)

Tree/Shrub/Garden Maintenance
Includes – Edging garden beds, weed and grass removal, cultivating existing soil, installing triple mix/mulch.
Pruning – Reshaping and removing all dead areas to improve the overall health of your trees and shrubs.

Why do a maintenance program?

Maintaining your landscape may seem like an easy task but it can quickly turn into a disaster if a proper schedule is not adhered to. We have a strict schedule to ensure your property always looks clean! Regular grass cutting, weekly or bi-weekly, will allow for us to mulch grass clippings and add additional nutrients into the soil. Waiting any longer will lead to grass clippings being too large and mulching will only serve to suffocate the grass. We also make sure our tools are sharpened on a regular basis along with switching the direction and angles of cuttings in order to create less stress and suffocation.

Pruning all your trees and shrubs will allow much needed light into your landscape area. Also, by removing dead foliage/twigs we will allow more nutrients to grow towards your healthier branches. In many cases this process could save the lives of your trees and shrubs. It takes many years for plants to mature and removal can be costly, regular maintenance help save you a lot of money down the road while leaving you completely satisfied!

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