Interlocking/Patio Stones Installation

Our first step would be to remove and demolish the existing area. Then we compact existing soil and screening to help level and grade drainage away from you house. We also use a weed free fabric, power wash stones and seal with polymeric sand, while finishing off with a compactor machine for the best finished product. We can use extra stones to build steps or use custom steps, the design is up to you! Installing a ProFlex Paver Edging Kit will guarantee a secure patio area.

Concrete Installation

Similar to interlocking, the existing area must be demolished and removed. Since we live in an area where soil expands and contracts due to extreme changes in our weather, we must use at least 4 – 8 inches of crushed stone which is compacted and leveled accordingly to allow for proper drainage. We also use a solid wood frame around any grass and garden areas to prevent movement. Having a proper finish is the biggest challenge and most crucial for the final product. We use a professional brush finish, to allow for a much safer area to walk during those rainy and slippery days!

Why Interlocking, Concrete or Stone Patio Installation?

A new interlocking/concrete/stone patio provides a beautiful, strong and long-lasting surface as a means to enhance outdoor living while creating more space for you to enjoy the sunshine, shade and warm breezes. By hiring a professional, you guarantee the correct steps have been followed and that the proper time and care have been invested into each project. You can never be too careful when you measure, draw, plan, obtain prices and begin a project. This is because each stage is just as important as the next.

Retaining Wall Installation

Installing a retaining wall requires greater excavation. The height of the walls can vary depending on the slope of your landscape. It is best to compact existing soil and lay down a weed free fabric. Two to four inches of screening, compacted, will also be added to keep the wall nice and leveled. Retaining blocks are most commonly used, with a stone coping ledge, which is great for sitting on to rest while working on the yard!

Why Build Retaining walls?

If you currently have an uneven landscape, with heavily sloped areas, then you will most likely need retaining walls around those areas. Many grass, garden and driveway areas need a proper retainer or else your whole landscape can shift in just a matter of months!

Why do River Rock, Beach Pebble or Gravel Installation?

These are great filler areas which can be very appealing to the eye and are low maintenance. They are also best suited in areas with less traffic.  For example, areas are around sheds, decks and the side of houses.

Why Decks and Fence Installation?

There is no better way to get the privacy you are looking for than with a private deck or fenced in area! If you have a patio area situated on high ground, then a deck would be a great option for you! We offer full privacy fences, which is the most popular look and feel these days. We also offer chain link fences, a much cheaper alternative but still very appealing!

Materials and price may vary depending on property.

How Can We Help You?

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